Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we offer shipping to USA and CANADA.


Can the Propella e-Bike be used as a normal bicycle?

Yes. By turning off the pedal assist on the LCD display you can ride without any electric assist and enjoy a classic bike experience.

The motor spins freely and does not add extra resistance.


does the bike frame fit me?

Our one-size-fits-most frame is BASED ON A HYBRID BIKe geometry. it's suitable for rider height of APPROXIMATELY 5’-3” to 6’-2”

Please refer to the frame size on the spec sheet.


Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

Short answer, no. Charging by pedaling (regenerative charging) is only possible with direct-drive motors. Direct-drive motors are much larger, heavier, and consume A LOT OF POWER. ADDING REGENERATIVE CHARGING WILL OFFSET THE EFFECTIVENESS OF OUR LIGHTWEIGHT AND EFFICIENT SYSTEM.



Is there a throttle mode?

Propella e-Bikes are operated by pedal-assist only. Throttle on electric bikes faces regulation issues in some REGIONS. it also discourages you from PEDALING! 


What kind of assembly is required?

All e-Bikes will arrive about 90% assembled and packaged in a standard bike box. The front wheel, pedals, and handlebar require assembly. 

assembly is fairly easy, HOWEVER we recommend professional assembly at a bike shop in order to ensure safety and comfort. 

here's a video we made for the assembly of your bike.


Is Propella waterproof?

All of the electric components, including the battery pack, are designed to be splash and rain proof. DURING SEVERE weather conditions and heavy showers, we recommend STORING the bike INDOORS. 


Are rack and fenders compatible with this bike?

Yes, the frame and fork are designed with standard eyelets to accommodate racks, fenders, and other bicycle accessories.


Is the LCD control display detachable?




How many times can I charge the battery?

The lithium-ion cells in the battery pack can be fully charged/discharged ABOUT 500-600 times. Battery packs can last 2-5 years depending on the frequency of usage.


How do I recharge the battery pack?

The battery pack can be charged on or off the bike by plugging THE the battery charger. THE CHARGER CONNECTS TO A STANDARD WALL OUTLET.



Is there a water bottle mount?

Yes. The water bottle eyelets are placed on the underside of the down tube of the frame. 


Are the wheels detachable?

Yes. The front wheel comes off using a quick-release connection. The rear wheel can be detached by removing the AXLE screws with a standard wrench.

How do I replace my tires?

The tires are replaced the same way as a traditional bicycle. IN CASE OF FLAT TIRE, YOU CAN PURCHASE YOUR OWN INNER TUBE, OR GET IT FROM US HERE.


What kind of warranty and return policy do you offer?


Please see our warranty and return policy here